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Air Sim Corp. is a locally owned and operated corporation established to provide real-time air traffic control communication services to flight schools, flying clubs, and pilots of many types on a private network via flight simulators. Students and pilots will connect qualified and specially programmed simulators to our private network and practice their flying skills at the same time communicating with real people working as air traffic controllers on the network. These will be highly trained controllers, and many are even real world controllers working on the private network in their spare time or after retiring from the real world scopes. They are using very advanced software that emulates real ATC radar services on specially programmed computers where they can see every aircraft in the ARTCC, can monitor ground movements, traffic patterns, and commercial as well as GA flights to give the proper communications to each pilot.

The unique software that Air Sim Corp uses to facilitate this communication ability has been developed by PilotEdge.net’s talented management. This software makes it possible for the controllers to see every aircraft in our airspace, which for now encompasses the entire ZLC ARTCC area, from Cedar City, UT to the Montana/Canadian border including most of Utah, Idaho, Montana and much of Wyoming and Nevada. (see the map on the “Flight Instructors” page) They are able to communicate with aircraft the same way that happens in the real world, so if the airplane is out of or below our radar coverage, as happens in real life, then they will not be able to hear the pilot calling, unless they utilize the same type of radio communications necessary under those circumstances (listening on one frequency when calling on another).


Melvin Nimer is the President and CEO of Air Sim Corp. Mr. Nimer is an accountant and business owner with over 30 years experience in business management. He is also a licensed private pilot who earned his certificate in 1975 in Cody, Wyoming, and has flown all over the western states during the past 40 years. For the past five years he has also been a pilot and an air traffic controller online for the hobby network VATSIM, most recently as the Training Administrator for the ZLC ARTCC. He is active in local politics and has served the community as a Board member of both the Log Cabin Republicans and the Utah Pride Center.

Our Vice President and corporate Secretary is Rusty James. Mr. James is the owner of Alpha Web Works, and is also our webmaster and the developer of our website. He has three Associates degrees in Information Technology and Web Development from Salt Lake Community College and is currently employed by Unisys.